HTC Thunderbolt Glitch: Problems Sending Text Messages?

For many of you, the weeks of waiting for Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt finally paid off yesterday when it officially released, well you did have to wait quite a few weeks! If you fit into this very group of customers, then we would be interested to get your feedback as to what your early thoughts are in relation to the handset?

Yesterday we gave you a little insight from into how the LTE speeds were performing, amongst other posts such as Amazon retailing the handset at a lower price and accessories. But today what grabbed our attention from Alan over at PR News is that some of you are already experiencing problems with the sending of messages and at times the receiving. As Alan reported, at this stage we do not know how many of you have been affected but the problem may lie with an SMS bug which is stopping messages from being transmitted in the normal fashion.

It seems that as well as the problem of sending a message, receivers are finding that on their calling display, a SIM card number is showing up instead of the actual phone number of the sender. As well as this, there have also been indications of some Thunderbolt users receiving not just one message but two.

We have to point out that at this present time, the big red carrier hasn’t attested as to whether there is a SMS bug problem?

We would be interested to hear your comments. How are you finding your handset, have you experienced any such problems?

  • Leah

    I called Verizon and it is a bug on HTC's end – they are working on a software update!

  • Thunderbolt User

    I was also having a problem with SMS. Text messages are received with a weird number and no information that identifies who sent it. And when receiver tries to reply their message does not come to my phone. Verizon told me too that it is a software issue. But suggested I power down and turn it back on. And that worked. We'll see for how long.
    Other than this little glitch, I'm loving the phone

    • ashley

      I have the thunderbolt and the werid number and not getting texts is an easy fix. REmove the batterytamd put it back in. that’s what I did when I was having the exact same problems.

  • Mike

    I was having a problem sending text messages, and like Thunderbolt User I powered the phone off and back on and it is now working.

  • thunderbolter

    i rebooted also.

  • TB User

    Im having this problem, most of my texts aren't sending and i don't receive some.

  • Tim Sienold

    I bought an HTC Thunderbolt yesterday and I am having issues with sending text messages. Nobody is receiving them. I get them just fine as well as my email

    • solomonshv

      I had that with another headset. I think it was an old Samsung i760 (winMo). I got on the horn with a very nice lady at Verizon and after punching in some custom settings it was fixed. My thunderbolt sends and receives messages without problems. I'm sorry you are having problems because this is a great device when it works normally.

  • Matt

    I have this exact problem with my new thunderbolt… already want to go back and exchange for an iphone.

    • Renae

      Dont do it! Im having the issue too and exchanged it for an iphone 4 and went back a few days later for the htc again…..its a million times faster, more apps, free music downloads etc. Trust me, youll regret it!

  • Rigena

    a soft reset fixed is showing your IMSI number for your phone.

  • Other Tbolt user

    I was told by tech support to remove the battery for 15 seconds then restart and this fixed the problem as well!

  • miked

    Same problem. Worked fine yesterday when I first got the phone but not this morning.

  • jaredc

    So I got my thunderbolt, man I was excited. Then It hit me nobody’s getting my texts… Smh

  • Dwalker1906

    I’m having the same issue with sending e-mail. I really like the phone but need one that I can count on as well.. IPhone??

    • solomonshv

      haha, you said count on iphone! sorry that made me chuckle. I'm in the process of selling mine on ebay. i had too many problems with it even after it was replaced by apple. the screen wont turn off when i am on call and put the phone to my ear. the call randomly drops in an area with 4 bars or service. not connecting to my schools wifi (my mac also has this problem) while the thunderbolt and my friend's PCs connect fine. etc etc etc

  • Scooterm

    I wish I was having problems with texts. Since yesterday morning I haven't been able to make outgoing calls and all Verizon can tell me is that they're working on it. Maybe I should have got a Droid X on a one year contract and let them work out the 4G gremlins.

  • Studsted

    I do not have 4g in my area yet but have had no issues with txt meesages. My be an issue with 4g.

  • Cody

    Removed the battery in both my wife's and my Thunderbolt and this problem went away.

  • Matt

    I have the same problem. If you turn it on airplane mode and then back off, it seems to be a short fix. At least until we get a software patch.


    i had the same problem, the receivers get a 16 digit # from me unknown … turned my phone off and then on again … problem solved!

  • Alex

    I have a problem with SMS, I would receive a txt, respond, and when I go back to the txt main screen, it would show the txt that I sent as a new txt message and will freeze until the txt is sent before I can access another txt. Also, the phone is having slow load times, not as fast as I thought it would be. Would it matter on the amount of txts that have been stored on the phone in regards to the lag?

  • Matt

    My thunderbolt is receiving texts just fine but almost every time I try sending one, it wont send. It doesn't say that the message has failed but that it hasn't sent. I'll remove my battery and wait for a sec, then put the battery back in and it only fixes it for a short time.

  • CRM

    Same problem…SO upset…I loved my Droid..would never go back to Iphone… but I am a BIG texter…this is really really ruining my Thunderbolt buzz. =(

  • sarah

    Are any of you having a problem when you receive a text msg and when u exit the screen it freezes for 20seconds? Its been doing that and bugs me.. and i had the problem about that 10 didgit number when i sent text, i fixed it, but now it freezes when i recieve text and all of sudden i have no 4g at my house, i felt like buying iphone4 but i heard everyone say this one is better…

  • Unhappy-in-Columbus

    I am having the same issue, plus I am having issue with 4G service (and it won't even flip to 3G service for me..) I contacted support and was told I need to do a master reset, and that MIGHT fix the issue. Hell how is that gonna fix the issue, their tower is sitting in my companies parking lot?!? If I can't get service here what is the use? I am very unhappy with this phone.

  • Fantasia

    Having a Thunderbolt for about a week and then returning , my texts messages were being received in triplicate. That was just one of the many reasons I returned it. The main reason was the very poor battery life"

  • BOB

    glitches in my phone as well….I should of stuck with apple and my iphone

  • 1 with message probs

    I rebooted my phone and all of my text messages were deleted. The phone is pretty good overall, but the messaging in particular lags a lot and sometimes freezes and needs to have a forced shut down. I don't know if the RAM or processor just can't handle it, but I'm pretty sure that it's on HTC's end rather than Verizon.

    • Rishun Jain

      i have the same issue – phone is great, but i have to restart it a lot simply to get the SMS working again. It freezes a LOT. seems like a major problem given how prevalent SMSing is.

    • Rishun Jain

      i have the same issue – phone is great, but i have to restart it a lot simply to get the SMS working again. It freezes a LOT. seems like a major problem given how prevalent SMSing is.

  • Amanda

    I am also having the SMS error with my phone. It's strange I can send texts to my boyfriend who is verizon as well and does not have a facebook account and therefore his number is not linked. Sitting at the same desk in my office 5 seconds later I get an error trying to text to a Sprint phone who is linked in facebook, as well as a cricket phone who is linked in facebook, and an ATT phone linked in facebook. I think it may have something to do with the 4G network as well because I get 4G at work but at home I only run on 3G and can send texts freely without an error. Also, I don't know if anyone else has this problem but sometimes I try to type into the text field and the "Add Text" stays and my words do not show up. Very frustrating to spend the money on this phone and one of the most commonly used features does not function properly.

  • Martha

    After this software update, my HTC Thunderbolt is constantly freezing and will not allow me to send and receive text/picture messages! I am so disappointed