Facebook Removes The Right To Unmerge Place & Page

The Facebook changes just keep on filtering through, some of the ones we have reported on include the ‘post’ button being removed and being replaced with a simple tap on the enter key, additional functionality to Facebook’s deals and also changes in terms of locations being suggested to you.

We learned about today’s changes through allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen, she has reported that Facebook has removed the right to unmerge a place and a page, which will undoubtedly cause a little bit of havoc for users.

Cohen explains that because we haven’t heard about the change coming through we are unsure as to whether it’s a bug in the system or if it’s a permanent change deployed by the Facebook development teams. It could however be even simpler than that and that it’s a temporary measure because of the Places pages being at a certain stage of development.

It’s also explained that with this change it will continue to result in a loss of content uploading to the original page which includes photos and descriptions. We are wondering if this is a permanent implementation will Facebook come up with some other way for admins to salvage material that has disappeared from the pages that are linked with places.

Have you noticed any funny business around the unmerging of places and pages? Let us know in the comments section below.