Bigamist Busted Through Facebook: More Stupidity

Facebook is the biggest social network on the web but it’s also fast becoming the place where you can do anything. Recent updates have seen the likes of Warner Bros and perhaps even Sony joining up with Facebook to allow film hire on their platform. Not only that but we are seeing lots of changes coming through to enable new functionality and make Facebook a better place.

Some of the changes we have seen recently include the deals page not only being launched but they now appear in the news feed as well as the location updates where it suggests nearby businesses. Perhaps we will start to see nearby businesses and what deals they have to offer. We have also quite often reported on people using Facebook in stupid and insensitive ways. One of them was when a guy posted a status update saying that he had just shot and killed an 11.5 foot alligator in a state where it’s not permitted, another was about a woman who got taught a lesson about Facebook privacy. Today we have a new one for you, a bigamist who has been caught through Facebook.

We learned about the bigamist through a report over on where Jackie Cohen is telling us about it. She says that Richard Lean Barton Jr. defriended his wife but didn’t actually divorce her, he then went on to marry another woman in July. Unfortunately for this dude, his first wife found the photos of his second wedding on Facebook.

The man has been in and out of prison between 2000 and 2009 for a few different incidents; the first being a conviction for home invasion and then when he was released, he broke his parole terms by heading to Rhode Island which saw him end up back in the slammer. So 2009 came along and Barton headed to Grand Rapids where he met his second wife and now he is back in trouble again. It is expected that he could receive a heavy sentence for this because of his previous criminal record.

Isn’t it interesting how Facebook is being used to catch up with criminals these days? What do you think about this one? Let us know in the comments section below.