Teen Uses Facebook To Save Mom

Facebook has seen many changes of late; we are now seeing the promotional deals appearing in the news feed when friends take advantage of them and the Enter key being used to publish a comment. Not only that but we have also reported on how a teacher was taught a lesson on privacy and also the most active Facebook fan pages.

The purpose of this article though is to tell you a story about something that has happened in the US recently. It’s about a teen that has used Facebook to save his mom; we first read it over on allfacebook.com where Meredith Singer added her article.

The incident happened in St. Paul Minnesota where a 15-year-old used Facebook in quite an innovative way, his mother was being attacked by her boyfriend in her home and the teen didn’t want to alarm Reggie LeAndrew Hart (the attacker) that the police were being contacted so instead he posted a Facebook status saying…

“Would someone please call 911 – my mom’s boyfriend won’t let her use the phone.” He then followed it up with “This is serious”.

The report continues saying that Hart had taken away the cell phones of Kelly Heinl and her son when the abuse began but the teen somehow managed to convince him to give back the cell phone and that is when he proceeded to raise the alarm bells only for a friend who saw the status to do the deed.

Hart has been charged with domestic assault and interference with a 911 call for the crime. Hart tried to defend his actions by saying he was drinking at the time saying that he denied causing her to scream and cry.

Singer explains that the tale gets even more twisted as Hart has also been in trouble before as he was convicted of murdering the teen’s dad back in 1998, his own cousin. Fair play to the lad for raising alarm bells but what is going on in that household?

Have you ever had to use social networking in this way? Tell us your story in the comments section below.