Suggestions Of Other Locations On Facebook Places

Facebook has changed quite a lot in recent times; some of the amendments have seen the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard take over from the ‘Post’ button and also the new promotional deals appearing in the news feed. These are just a couple of the ones that we have reported on, but if you read some more of them then use this link.

We also reported that Facebook Places needs your help to make it more accurate, but today we have some more news about it. Now Places is now making suggestions of other locations on Facebook, we learned about this report from’s Jackie Cohen.

She tells us that Places will show you pictures of your friends who checked in there and it has ‘Like’ buttons. Funnily enough this coincides with updates to the new deals promotions that we mentioned earlier, this could in fact boost the sale of deals on Facebook and they will perhaps go hand-in-hand together saying which deal at what location.

Not only does it tell you the nearby businesses but it also tells you how many people checked-in as well as how many people like it. We are wondering what other geo-location sites think of this move from Facebook such as Foursquare?

Have you seen the new Facebook Places? Let us know in the comments section below.