Nokia C7: Priced & Heading For T-Mobile In April

We all know about the success of Apple devices in the cell phone market but they have plenty of rivals. One of them is the new HTC Thunderbolt which has been released today and has had a bit of a price war between Verizon, Best Buy and also Amazon who have undercut the competition.

Now we come to the Nokia C7 which as we understand from Engadget’s article is heading for T-Mobile in April. The author Vlad Savov says that the device will be launched on the dead Symbian OS and it has been priced at $79.99. He also mentions that at this price it doesn’t necessarily have to compete with the devices sporting the Android Gingerbread flag and instead it will attract other users.

If you head over to ‘David’ the Managing Editor has added an article that says rumors say the Nokia ‘Astound’ (C7) will be announced on Monday evening at their CTIA press event so keep your eyes peeled for that.

There’s another rumor that this device will be 3G only however if you check out the spec page on it from, they clearly think it will also have HPRS and 2G networking amongst other types of connection.

Will you be picking up a Nokia Astound aka Nokia C7 on T-Mobile in April or do you think Nokia are dead in the water? Let us know in the comments section below.