iPhone 5 Redesign Rumor Scuppered by Apparent New Cases

As always here at OSM we like to keep our readers informed with all the latest news and speculation about upcoming devices and at the moment a lot of attention is on the next-generation Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5. Today we have heard news that seems to contradict the rumors that the next iPhone will have a new design, at least if some purported new iPhone 5 cases are anything to go by.

Yesterday we posted an iPhone 5 roundup of questions to be answered and in it we mentioned reports of a new design for the iPhone with an aluminum back which we thought looked pretty good, although of course, as with all things about the iPhone 5 at the moment, was purely speculative. There have also been rumors of a larger display but now Katie Marsal over on Apple Insider, sourced from HardMac, reports on some new cases from overseas, which are believed to be for the iPhone 5 and if they are genuine it suggests the exterior design at least, will be very similar to that of the iPhone 4.

The case renderings, which are nothing if not colorful, show the same button placement and SIM card slot and if these are genuine, contradict the recent rumors of two SIM slots, which we did think was doubtful. The aperture on the rear for the camera and flash also remains the same. Of course as we mentioned before, this cannot be confirmed at present but the source was quoted as “reliable.” Last week we also published an article about leaked engineering designs for the iPhone 5, which looked very much like the iPhone 4 except for an expanded display and these new cases would seem to fit with that.

Eric Slivka over on MacRumors also reports on these supposed iPhone 5 casings, said to be prototypes from an Apple-tendered mockup, and mentions a rumor from a few months ago about a purported iPhone 5 antenna part, and now it looks as though that part could be genuine. What are your thoughts on the next iPhone being similar in exterior design to the iPhone 4? Would you have preferred something a bit different for the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.

  • Chris

    Personally, I adored the new iPhone 4 design and I hope they keep going that way! It's just so special and different from the classic iPhone (with a chrome outline) shape that i'm so bored of. If they go back to that, I'm buying an iPhone 4 and keeping it no matter what !

  • Chuck

    I had and iphone 4 and hated the design and went backwards to a 3gs

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