HTC Thunderbolt Best Buy News: Price Will Remain $249…for now

We’ve been bringing you a ton of news about the HTC ThunderBolt, the first 4G phone to come to the Verizon LTE network, and this impressive handset was finally released today. Among our many articles we gave you news of the Best Buy price for the ThunderBolt which was rather baffling as it was listed at $249.99 on the usual two-year contract but only until March 20, when the price would rise to $299.99.

In our pros and cons article about the HTC ThunderBolt two days ago we mentioned this rather odd pricing structure and said that it seemed a pretty strange way to treat consumers who after all, had been waiting very patiently. Well, it seems as though somebody must have been listening to us (and the hundreds of other tech sites!), as we have now received a statement from Best Buy to say that the price of $249.99 has now been extended beyond the original date given. The statement is as follows: –

Statement: Best Buy® Extends HTC ThunderBolt 4G Pricing at $249.99
MINNEAPOLIS, March 17, 2011 – Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) today confirmed that it will extend the $249.99 pricing for the HTC ThunderBolt 4G beyond the initial March 20 end-date outlined in the original announcement, available at Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile standalone stores and online at This pricing change reflects Best Buy Mobile’s ongoing commitment to provide the most smart phones under one roof with straightforward pricing, informed advice and someone to be there for the life of your phone.

This is good news that makes sense from Best Buy but although we welcome the move, the statement gives no indication of whether the price will rise at a later date. Also earlier today we told how Amazon was selling the HTC ThunderBolt at $179.99 although a report by Robert Nelson on TFTS suggests that Amazon could already be sold out. We also previously reported on a $199.99 price for the HTC ThunderBolt from Wirefly so that’s another option to try.

You may also be interested in our look today of the Apple iPhone 5 vs. the HTC ThunderBolt and also our look at the results of speed tests for the HTC Thunderbolt. What are your thoughts on Best Buy extending its $249.99 pricing for this handset? Are you heading out to purchase a ThunderBolt for yourself? Let us know with your comments.