Facebook’s Most Active Fan Pages: Manchester United Top FC

Here at OSM we often bring you news about Facebook, and often the figures about how popular products or people are, are based on how many followers it/they have. However when you really think about it, a more accurate measure of popularity on social media, should come from how many of those followers are active, that is either making comments or liking posts.

Today we have news for you about a new monthly ranking of Facebook from startup company FanGager, which measures the top 100 most active fan pages, according to Chris Taylor over on Mashable. You can see some of the Top Engaged Facebook Chart below, or the whole chart at the 100 most active fan pages link above. For example if you were to look at the most popular football team between Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F. and concentrated on which team had most followers Barcelona would win with 10.3 million fans compared to Man. U’s 9.9 million and third would be Real Madrid with 9.3 million.

However, if you then look instead at ACTIVE fans following on Facebook, then Manchester Utd. would come out on top with 256,000 active fans (rounded up), second would be Real Madrid with 155,000 active fans and third would be FC Barcelona with 142,000 active fans. In percentage terms the number of active fans for all 3 clubs out of the total number of fans is 2.6% for Manchester United, 1.6% for Real Madrid and 1.4% for Barcelona.

If you want to know who or what has the most active fans in total on Facebook that accolade goes to The Biebster. Out of more than 20 million Facebook fans, Justin Bieber’s active fans amount to 359,000, although as a percentage of his total fans, that works out at 1.8%, which is less than the percentage of Man U’s active fans. We think that concentrating on the amount of active fans is a much fairer way of gauging Facebook popularity but what do you think? Are you surprised at any of these statistics? Let us know with your comments.

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