Facebook Re-Testing Memorable Status Updates

The ever expanding ever evolving Facebook have been inputting a few changes in recent times. Some of the ones that we have reported on include the new Enter key functionality, the new Facebook deals are now appearing in the news feed and also you can see which of your friends are playing what games.

Now as reported by allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen says that Facebook are re-testing the Memorable Status Updates. Cohen informs us that this has been shown within Facebook a couple of times, the first being in December for about an hour and again in January. That makes it clear to us that it’s something Facebook want to enter permanently but it will confuse some users when it comes and goes.

Well, now it’s back again and it would seem that Cohen has been testing this quite extensively and she says it isn’t showing in the news feed and instead shows in the right hand column. She also mentions that it didn’t appear very often when she was searching (around one tenth of the time). The image below is from Jackie Cohen’s article.

Something else that isn’t clear is the criteria that Facebook are using as the status updates that were seen didn’t have the most comments or ‘Likes’. That being the case suggests that the development guys at Facebook are testing out the functionality along with trying out different criterion for the search.

Have any of you seen the memorable status updates on the right hand side of your Facebook page? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • s52

    yea and im not liking it. mine appear when i open a new message or notification (but only unread ones) my old DELETED status's have been appearing on friends Memorable Status Updates. they were deleted and removed for a reason!! facebook is gna be creating a lot of bad feelin with this new app!!

  • Carlita

    I've just seen some in one of my pages and "googled it" to understand what's going on… So I came here.

    It doesn't make sense to be that those are the most "liked" status updates because all of them bellonged to one of my friends had only 2 to 12 "likes"…

    I'm still wondering the criteria, but, for my experience, i'm wondering that it has something to do with "likes" of friends in common in a same matter of time… :/

  • Kez

    Don’t like this… and even if I did i haven’t seen a status update yet in this test that i would applaud as “memorable” :/

  • Del

    I don't like it. I saw it on a friend's page and it is a compilation of absolutely unrelated utterances that create a biased first impression of someone completely out of context. GO AWAY

  • Nemanja

    I first sow it today – it was all from one of my friends while looking at her new status…

    Of the 4 statuses – two were really memorable – one was from 2009! I am astonished. Even more so when these statuses haven't had that many likes or comments – so I am still wondering about criteria…

  • Aliesha

    I hate it

  • max

    it reveal pivate own past that shouln't be revealed, its privacy violated again!

  • sweety

    It's not nice when u start seein ur boyfriends old statuses from b4 u were together, which is what has happened to me. Not a happy bunny and u can't be mad cos u weren't together at the time!

  • http://facebook.com/aria17m María M.

    I HATE "Memorable Status Updates" :@ :@ aaarrrggh!!! que se elimine ésta basura de fb…