2011 St Patrick’s Google Doodle: 2 Today And Not 1

Here at OSM one of the many stories we enjoy covering is that of Google Doodles. The search engine from time to time will remind the rest of us about a specific time on the yearly calendar or enlighten us with an individuals birthday or anniversary, and what better way to celebrate these with a Doodle.

Today its the turn of St Patrick’s Day which will no doubt be celebrated around the world. This joins the many others we have given you news on including the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day, St David’s Day, Valentines Day, Martin Luther King and so on.

What sets today’s celebration apart from past Doodles, is that we can enjoy not just the one but 2. As Alan over at PR News stated, the 2 Doodles are very different in appearance and both will lead you automatically to other St Patrick’s Day results. The first for the US homepage which can be seen above are the letters spelt out with a celtic feel pattern in the iconic color green. The second which can be seen directly below is a more subtle design which can be seen on the Irish Google homepage. Either Doodle I have to say is pretty fantastic.

For anyone who may not be familiar with the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, many will attend church services in the color green, the use of shamrocks and ribbons can be seen as well as celebrations of eating, drinking and music. Check out our other posts including St Patrick’s Day and social networking as well as Angry Birds with today’s green theme.

Let us know what you will be doing for this St Patrick’s Day, and which Google Doodle do you prefer? There’s nothing more to say but have a pint of Guinness on us!

  • Patrick E

    This is incorrect. There is no US St. Patrick's Day logo for 2011. The one you've shown is for 2010, not 2011. Where are you getting this incorrect information?

  • Pic Stuff

    It's so strange not to see my favorite search engine, to not have a google-doodle covering StPatricks day. I came here hunting why & see that there's a tie between the two available! Just put them on <rnd> and let them come up randomly. I think both are beautiful, but the first one goes more along with the original theme, that the founders of Google, originally came up with! The letters of google, looking like a picture, that was conceived to look like the day being celebrated! Thanks Google, for all the years of EYECANDY!

  • tomc

    Am on a lunchtime/boredom quest, hunting for the reason that there is no StPatrick's day doodle. Not seeing either doodle in the UK. Are the doodle's only appearing in the US and Ireland as stated above? – tc

    • chr

      no doodle in the US either

  • Guest

    No doodle came up on my home page for today, St. Patrick's Day,17th. March, 2011. Whyever not?

  • Marjory

    That's only showing up in Ireland.

  • emmy

    Maybe Google didn't want to call attention to their "Double Irish" accounting scam that they've used to avoid paying $3B in US taxes over the last 3 years. The story was on "Fresh Air" today (on NPR). Probably the St. Pat's connection was just a coincidence….