Twitter Security Update: HTTPS Option Added To Deter Hackers

Twitter is quickly becoming a valuable and great source of social media, more and more people are signing up and Tweeting and it’s good to see. Because of its ease of use we are seeing a lot of celebrities choosing Twitter over other social networks. You only have to check out our Twitter top trend articles to realize that Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber regularly feature.

It’s also a great place for the sports stars that we all look up to for them to communicate with us, the general public. Now being a part of the 140-character world just got a bit better as there’s a Twitter security update, they have added the HTTPS Option to try and further deter hackers.

The changes come following Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account being hacked back at the TED conference. The change adds an option to your account that has a tick box that says “Always Use HTTPS” for accessing your Twitter account.

Over at Slashgear their author Rue Liu says that using this setting will encrypt your connection and prevent hackers from sniffing out your password. It’s important to remember that if you choose not to use this setting and you use an unsecured public WiFi connection then you leave yourself at risk

You can learn even more about it over at the official Twitter blog where they also talk to you about how they are also making the iPhone and iPad mobile applications more secure. This is a good move by the guys at Twitter but has it come a bit too late?

Don’t you think that Twitter should have added this update a long time ago? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.