Samsung Galaxy 8.9: Rear-Facing Camera Confirmed In Teaser

Last year when Apple rejuvenated the tablet PC market with the iPad Samsung went ahead and released a 7” model called the Samsung Galaxy Tab that did pretty well. Since then we have seen more than 50 tablet PCs showcased and released at events such as CES 2011 and MWC 2011.

That being the case it has prompted Sammy to bring out more tablet PCs in the 10.1 and also the 8.9. We previously reported that the 8.9 model would perhaps be released in March 2011 and also that it may become quite a big contender in the war of the tablet PCs. Since then we have seen more hints at the tablet’s imminent release and now we have had confirmation through an article on Slashgear of a rear-facing camera in a teaser video.

Rear-cameras are one of the sought after features in tablet PCs these days as different technologies progress. You have to think about yourself and the choice you would make if you had two tablets with similar specs and prices, if one had a rear-facing camera and the other didn’t most people would opt for the one with the camera wouldn’t they?

We have added the video at the bottom of the article that talks a bit about the device and we want your opinions on it. If you look very carefully it looks like there may even be a little LED flash on there too.

What do you think of the device so far? Is this the tablet PC you have been waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below.