Performance Rating Shirts Coming To Spurs

This is the start of a new revolution for Football and the whole sporting world. A new shirt that reads your body performance has been designed and Tottenham Hotspur from the Premier League will be the first club to try out the high-tech jerseys.

The E39 shirt has been developed by Under Armour according to Cnet, and measures things like heart rate, breathing rate, skin surface temperature and activity via a small onboard computer that slots into a panel on the shirt. “The Bug” is like a hard drive and processor which measures the athletes body readings and wirelessly sends them to a nearby device like laptop or tablet, where the results will be revealed.

This unique piece of sporting equipment is also used by the US military and a number of other sporting teams, but this is a first for English Football. The ability to calculate how tired a player is or how hard they are working can be a huge advantage. When every player knows his effort is being displayed in figures then they may give an extra effort, so it does not look like they are slacking.

The Telegraph has reported that Tottenham have signed a 5 year deal with Under Armour which is worth £10 million a season. When this data is recorded it may be revealed to fans during games which could be very interesting. The Under Armour executive vice president stated that “We can metrically tell you what is happening to the body of somebody kicking a penalty in front of 60,000 people.” Could these new shirts be deemed an unfair advantage? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.