Nintendo 3DS Facial Recognition: Struggles With Specs & Beards

The launch of the Nintendo 3DS is quickly approaching and we have seen a few different ways that Nintendo are building the hype. The first ever console with 3D capabilities that do not require glasses hits the UK on March 25th and the US on March 27th.

There have been a few hands on demonstration pods kicking around the US so that if you haven’t made up your mind about getting one of these little bad boys, you pretty much get a try before you buy. We have seen it being ripped apart in the teardown article as reported by Debbie Turner of OSM as well as the first official commercials for the 3DS. Now we have something interesting for you about it, the Nintendo 3DS facial recognition struggles with spectacles and beards.

This report comes through Slashgear’s Chris Davies where he also mentions that piercings and bangs can also confuse the otherwise clever device. He says that with the facial recognition you should probably follow similar guidelines that you would if you were having your photograph taken for a passport.

There’s even more information on this over at which you can read on this link. It does mean that us gamers that may have to squint at the screen or have a bushy beard might need to make a few changes if we want to use the functionality, still it should help us to clean up our acts.

What do you think of the 3DS struggling with some facial features? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.