Major League Baseball – Testing the Power of Social Media

The ever expanding world of social media simply cannot be ignored, more and more sports and brands are moving towards it in a bid to not only encourage their own user base but to also promote themselves.

One of the sports brands that has done this exceptionally well is the UFC, the way they offered people free live streams of the fights on the undercards for the last few pay-per-view events shows us all that there is value in giving something for free. For them they have not only promoted the brand but they have also promoted the fighters that wouldn’t necessarily get the recognition that they deserve for competing.

We previously predicted that other sports would soon follow this trend and the first ones that have are the Major League Baseball. Maddy Rowe added an in-depth article earlier today on how you can watch some of the games for free on their live streams being promoted by Facebook. Of course Facebook are the biggest of the social networks with a user base of more than 500 million.

The fact that associations of this size are testing the water with something as powerful as the world of social media says that the potential benefits are worth it. We are also predicting that perhaps we will start to see more sports such as the NBA and perhaps even Soccer/Football will follow suit.

What do you think of the way sports and brands are intertwining with social media and social networks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.