London Olympics 2012: Your Safe Guide To Buying Tickets

Tickets for next years London Olympic Games have already got underway. The games or otherwise known as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, will be taking place from 27 July through to 12 August 2012. For the people of London and throughout Britain, this will be an exciting time with a brand new built stadium and top world class athletes and of course increased revenue to the country of which is desperately needed.

If like thousands of people, you have been waiting for the official go ahead on purchasing your ticket(s), then we have got a quick yet simple rundown of what to do. Most ticket sales as Pocketlint suggested will be carried out across the world wide web but there is still an element of vulnerability when sourcing your prized pieces of paper.

Firstly as with most events, you must be over 16-years old, there are no strict guidelines in place to say that anyone under this cannot go but it must be with somebody of age. For residents of the UK and overseas colonies, the best way to apply be will via the official London Olympics 2012 website, click here.

On applying, the first step you have to follow is the “signing up” process. This is a simple and fairly quick procedure where you will be asked to register and set up an account. The second step is probably the most difficult because you have to think about what event(s) you would like to see. In total there are 32 to choose from including the opening and closing ceremony. The best way of finding out this information is to head straight onto the London Olympic Games Timetable which can be downloaded via PDF.

As with all events, you will then be asked for your seat preference. Seat prices vary from £20 right through to £2,000. On choosing this and your event, you will be able to see a selection of blue flags next to them. This points out that prices will be available for senior citizens and under 16’s at a discounted rate. On saving all this information which can be accessed at anytime, the advice is to get in quick with your decision as the closing time for choices will be 11.59pm on 26th April 2011.

The one important point we have to make is that ticket sales will be put into a ballot with the lucky tickets being drawn out. If you’re lucky then your payment will be taken between the dates of 10th May – 10th June 2011 and the transaction must be by way of Visa.

When the event is drawing closer and you realise that you cannot attend for any reason, then London 2012 Ticketing will provide an area outside where tickets can be sold at “face value.”

In order to make sure that your tickets are genuine if logging onto a website other the official one, then there is a quick yet safe way of finding out. Ticketing Website Checker working on behalf of the Olympic website will be able to test it for you. In order for you to stay safe on the internet and potentially avoid getting scammed, something of which is on the increase, then head on over to the London 2012 website where you will be able to source a list of uncovered bogus sites.

If the thought of purchasing your ticket online doesn’t appeal to you, then the good old fashioned paper form is an option. Application forms can be filled in and sent to TSB or Bank of Scotland by the 26 April. If for any reason there are left over tickets, then they will be available in the next round June/July time.

Tell us are you hoping to get to the 2012 Olympics? If so how will you be getting your ticket and what event would you like to see?