Japan Tragedy: Donate By Buying Street Fighter & Sonic – iPhone

We at OSM are following the proceedings closely with regards to Japan and are promoting different ways that we can all help Japan in their time of difficulty. Some of articles are about how Facebook is helping to support Japan, another about sending search dogs to Japan by Debbie Turner and also how celebrities are trying to help.

Now we have some information on another way that you can support Japan in this tragic time and this way is pretty easy. For all you iPhone users if you buy either the Street Fighter IV app or any of the Sonic the Hedgehog titles then all of the paid money up until March 20th will go to the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief in Japan.

We found out about this through BGRs Todd Haselton and like them we will be downloading a few of them today and reliving our previous gaming experiences whilst giving to a good cause. To make it even easier we have added the titles below with a link to the Apple app store to save you searching for them.

Sonic Spinball – $0.99
Sonic the Hedgehog – $1.99
Sonic the Hedgehog 2- $2.99
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I – $3.99
Street Fighter IV – $0.99

We think you will all agree that this is not only a clever way to promote their apps but also a great way for gamers to help support Japan in their time of need. Well done to Capcom and Sega for helping.

Which games will you be downloading? Let us know in the comments section below.