HTC Thunderbolt Accessories: Prices for Battery, Dock & More

We know that many of you are waiting for the HTC ThunderBolt with the release tomorrow on March 17. This impressive 4G handset for the Verizon LTE network has attracted a lot of attention and looks like it will be a big success and we now have more news from you about various accessories and prices.

If you’ve still not decided whether this is a good choice for you, check out our ThunderBolt pros and cons article to find out more. Overall though we think this handset running on Android 2.2 with 4.3-inch touchscreen and 1GHz processor, looks extremely promising. Earlier today, for those of you who are heading out tomorrow to buy a ThunderBolt, we told how the User Manual is now available online so you could save precious time tomorrow by reading it today and getting hands-on with your latest gadget straight away tomorrow.

On to accessories then and OSM’s Maddy Rowe previously told you about the ThunderBolt car dock for $29.99 and also told about ThunderBolt cases. Now we have some leaked news and images from Quentyn Kennemer over on Phandroid about more accessories. An extended 2750mAh battery will be available at $50. This is an improvement on the battery that’s in the ThunderBolt (1400mAh) and certainly sounds like it could be worth paying out for.

There will also be a special battery door accessory giving you the capability of wirelessly charging your ThunderBolt using induction technology and that will cost $39.99. A multimedia charging dock is also shown listed at $59.99 that holds your device in landscape mode. One of the reasons rumored to be behind the delay in releasing the ThunderBolt was concern about battery performance and so it looks as though the main players concerned are taking every step to address power issues.

There’s no news on release dates for these accessories, which also include holsters and cases, but you never know they could be available for release, which would be sensible. The HTC product page for the ThunderBolt will give you more information that you may need about the handset, with an overview and specs listing. Will you be trying to get your hands on any of these accessories and which do you think would be most useful? Let us know with your comments.