Captain Kirk’s Facebook Profile: Disabled And Re-Enabled

It must be difficult for the guys at Facebook to actually distinguish between real and fake accounts of popular people and celebrities. It must be even more difficult when they are people from the past that if they are around my sort of age then they may not remember properly.

This brings us onto a report that we have read over at where Jackie Cohen tells us the story of how the original Star Trek’s Captain Kirk had his Facebook profile disabled and then re-enabled again. The actor whose real name is William Shatner took the issue to Twitter and used their social network to restore his profile in about 1 hour.

There’s another problem too sometimes you have people with the same name as a celebrity and even though that is their real name their account gets taken down. One example of this we reported on back in January where Kate Middleton had her account disabled.

Of course this is done with the best intentions but sometimes they get it wrong, can you imagine if people thought that a fake page was a legit one and they made some kind of revelation? Depending on who it is, it could end up in the nation in disarray.

Can you think of any way that Facebook could improve upon the way these issues are handled? Let us know in the comments section below.