Apple iPad 3: Possible Features For September Release?

Before Apple released its latest rendition of the iPad that started the tablet revolution, we threw around speculation and rumor in regards to what we hoped would be included.

However to most customers the iPad 2 came as a slight disappointment in the technology stakes. Yes we got a slender light version to which we all applauded, but as Pocket-lint confirmed, most fans were looking forward to some big changes.

So with the iPad 2 now firmly in our grasp, we have decided to take another look at what additions the California crew should be injecting into the iPad 3, in the hope that the tech team will listen this time.

First up we need to address the display, which in pre-iPad 2 rumor, suggested an iPhone 4 style Retina item. This for some reason didn’t make it on to the 2, with Apple favoring the same set up as its first slate.

Next is the inability to increase the devices memory, which limits you to the 16, 32 or 64GB. Now while 64GB is plenty for most users the extra cost of the top range tablet, outweighs its necessity. Whereas if you had the option for an SD card slot for expanding the memory, a whole new user base could be opened up.

For the next stop we address the HDMI port absence. While we understand iPad 2 carries HDMI playback support, the iPad 3 could really benefit from gaining a true HDMI outlet to allow direct HDTV hook up.

Finally in our little selection is the want for a proper USB port, which like the HDMI port would save a lot time through direct connection. With USB being a universally recognized connection system for virtually every other laptop, net-book and tablet on the market, iPad 3 could reach out to a far greater audience with its inclusion.

Other than what we have mentioned above, there would obviously be the likelihood of iPad 3 containing iOS 5.0. Couple this with a flash support for the iPad 2’s newly released camera, and we think the iPad 3 could really shake up the market. As more and more tablets come galloping over the horizon, the rumored September release date for iPad 3 could allow it to take the competition by storm.

Tell us if your wish list has changed after the iPad 2 introduction, were you disappointed enough not to purchase a 2 in hope that a 3 will have the extras that you wanted?

  • Ilya

    Yes, I am a part of the Apple-fan community who did not buy the first i Pad, hoping for certain upgrades in the next version. The i Pad 2, although an beautiful machine, did not live up to my expectation. What's most important to me was the retina display and the higher quality camera. So, now I am waiting for the i Pad 3. I believe that Apple's decision to cut corners in order to keep the price low was a miscalculation, and the initial demand proves it.

  • Michael dufosse

    No point in trading your IPad 1 for the IPad 2, it's just another way for Apple to make money. The way things are going you will need almost a £1000 per year to keep up with the latest gadget like an IPhone and IPad. I think that Apple should try to make the iPad a standalone unit where you don't need to hook it up to a computer to make it work. I Love my IPad 1 and at £329 it is a bargain. When I thought about buying the IPad 2 I thought do I really need a camera that is less than 1 megapixel? Do I need to FaceTime? Do I need a faster CPU for what my needs permit me too? Simply no! Just wait I'm sure the IPhone 5 is probably the gadget to get after the antenna gate fiasco. I feel they will pull out all the stops to kickstart the revolution.

  • Nathan

    It's a sad story… I was one of those who decided to wait it out after the iPad's initial release in 2010, guessing that the iPad 2 would be a vast improvment and basically, a no-brainer of an investment. Come Jan/Feb 2011, I had zero doubt in my mind that I would be one of the first in line to get my hands on the iPad 2. However, as the March unveilment date drew closer, I saw rumour after nasty remour that iPad 3 would see a 2011 release with big improvements, i.e. retina display + others. The iPad 2 has already been announced, is now available, and I am still iPad-less. Whether the rumours are true or not, they've succeeded in scaring me away from becoming an iPad owner. Looks like I'll be holding my breath, hoping for something new in September. If nothing shows up, well, I've waited that long… my guess is I'd probably wait it out until March 2012.

    Bottomline, the numerous rumours (and subsequent voices in my head – yikes) were ultimately the reason why I did a 180 in terms of buying the iPad 2. The product itself looks great, but the possibility that it could be vastly improved in a matter of months will keep me from owning one.

  • stu

    I'm holding out until they implement stuff that makes life easier like usb and sd. They're not getting my cash til they give the customers what they want

  • Richard Philips

    I would really like to see an improved glare free display that can be used in daylight and bright sunlight and also easier on eyes when reading for long periods.

  • sdss

    ipad 3 better have sd slot and usb port……thts wht im waiting for…..comon apple,. dont let us down

  • Daniel

    I'm in the same boat as many; I skipped the iPad 1 waiting for the iPad 2 in hope it will be vastly better. It is a great bit of kit but needs better and more universal connectivity. I thought it would have USB 3 and SD card HDMI ports but it does not. Yes it can utilize these but many users would like the direct connection ports. So Aplle I hope you read and take notice of these ports the iPad 3 needs to have;
    USB 3, Thunderbolt, HDMI & SD card slots. We would expect the retina display to come as standard in addition to a faster processor and graphics.

  • David

    I was in and am in the same situation as lots of people here in the case that I though iPad 2 would be a great improvement and although it's better, it's not breakthrough and now wondering if an iPad 3 will actually be release this year or am I going to be iPadless till 2012. Some things I found out were that iPad 2 doesn't have a Retina Display because of the large screen and Apple just couldn't afford and manufacture such a vast amount of the displays. The USB issue is because as you probably know Apple like to keep things amazingly thin and light. If you look at a USB slot. It's bigger/thicker than Apple want their iPads to be, therefore they are probably thinking of getting a separate connector to fit onto the 30 pin slot at the bottom of the iPad. I doubt they will fit an HDMI port onto the iPad for several reasons, one of them being the fact that not everyone is going to need that port and it's just going to clog up the iPads "beautiful" structure and make it look untidy. I think an Anti-Glare display might appear in the iPad 3's tech specs because it seems a bit more necessary and easier to implement (Although Apple are well known for being ambitious). An SD card slot has a small chance of appearing in my view because Apple probably thinks 64GB is far from enough for anybody and of course they want to earn a bit more extra money. Keep in mind I may be completely wrong but that's my opinion from what I've researched and I hope this helps you come to a decision if your stuck. I would wait for an iPad 3. Patience is a virtue, wait for something that you wont regret waiting for. It's your choice whether it's worth waiting for it or not!

  • FORCE6

    Come on apple, I bought an iPad one deliberately after the iPad 2 was released because it was much cheaper, and pointless paying more for just a camera iPad. It's a rush job.

    I await the iPad 3 and if it hasn't got an SD slot, then you have lost a customer. And I presume many more.

    I will continue waiting for even more iPads until one with an SD slot arrives. And flash of course… That would sell MANY iPads…

    Sales for iPad 2 were poor and for iPad 3 even worse if you don't fix the most basic things your customers want.

  • Tony

    Well i'm not an "Apple" lover but the ipad (1) turned me to the "Dark Side" what a great product but typical of "Apple" just tries to fleece is loyal customers with new products hitting the shelves on a regular basis. As I said I purchased the Ipad last June, sadly it lacks a lot of what people need, printing and network file sharing really is a basic need and the ipad should have the ability to do that without adding apps to fulfil this basic need. I thought they would answer that with the ipad2 release sadly it was not to be. I will keep hold of my trusty ipad1 until they release something that fulfils my needs and makes me less reliable on my PC to fulfil my needs.

  • Soap Mactavish

    I don’t think there’ll be a USB slot or SD care slot. Apple likes adding new things so expect thunderbolt instead. I also don’t think there’ll be an in-built HDMI. I’m very sure about retina display and maybe, just maybe, super PLS. I’m also sure about NFC probably but there is a chance you won’t find it. Maybe a processor hike which still uses Apple A5 but maybe at something like 1.5GHz. Maybe also 1Gb RAM. Also, maybe more cloud computing and hopefully more independence. I might just be horribly wrong with my suggestions.

  • http://non daniel

    well the thing is, if they gonna put a sd, micro sd slot, expandable to 32 GB I think is the maximum amount possible, than everybody will buy the 16 gb and put a micro sd in it and at least the 32GB model will not sell any more, are you with me? My personal thought is that apple is not going to put a micro sd port nither usb port.

  • Dylan

    Apple please put flash player on the “IPad 3”

    • steve jobs


  • Shaun

    I was thinking of buying one but without the micro sd, it's pointless. My home theatre setup has 1 tb of hi res video, itunes sync to even a 64gb ipad is tough. When I go on a trip I'd rather load the ipad through itunes with music and books but keep my video on sd where I could copy a dozen or so on and not effect everything else, or on an extended trip be able to take a huge library with a stack or sd cards. Itunes sync is way to cumbersome to even decide a I want to copy 10 movies or so for a given trip. As for HDMI or USB as long as I can connect through the doc connector I care less.

  • fff

    it would be good if apple put in a CD slot

  • Gem

    I am a huge apple fan. However I was waiting for the iPad 2 before I made my iPad purchase. However, like alot of people I know. It didn’t meet expectations. So, we are all waiting for the iPad 3.

    Hope they sort something out soon. Very disappointing.

  • Lary

    Make a better camera for pictures and videos. Faster speed internet. And instead of an iPod feature, a CD slot. 😀

  • Tommy

    Not to rain on anyone's parade or cause up a stir, but I'm really glad I opted for an Android tablet instead. Mine happens to be an Acer Iconia A500 tablet. It includes a full-size USB port, an HDMI output, and an SD card slot. I only paid 450 bucks for this beast, and I have to say, its amazing. It already has all the features you guys are hoping for the iPad 3 to get.

    One thing I will give Apple credit for though, is they are the pioneers that made the modern tablet. If it werent for the iPad I probably wouldn't have this tablet I'm typing on now… So Apple definitely is playing an important role by introducing new revolutionary designs in technology.

  • Barry

    I was keen to get an Ipad and was about to buy one yesterday. Then I noticed it has NO USB PORTS! Its incredible to me that anybody buys an Ipad. I mean you have to but a laptop too. I was kidding myself that I could get one and replace my laptop (despite the small hard drive and no flash) But you really can't. No USB? MENTAL!

  • Anonymous

    do you really think the rumored specification can come true…

  • Ben12

    i think this is a waste of money if you have a computer or a laptop!

  • Boobylady

    i think that a ipad 2 is a lot of money for your family and that is going to waste your family’s money in addition to you could use that money for education!

    • Hotty_babes

      but just 2 letcha noe boobylady this ipad will be used as all education books n it will be mainly ur skoool! beet dat babes!

  • Alidanielmoodie

    listen up poo on the ipad!

  • Wakiisbogey

    pee pee on the ipad cause it’s stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GotsDaNews

    You guys don’t understand that if apple does put a USB port that they would lose all there money on making their computers better. A USB port would be useful but it would make it a small computer and a bad decision although useful.