Apple iPad 2 Release Overseas: Could be delayed?

We all knew that the release of the Apple iPad 2 was going to be popular but the huge demand for this latest tablet device has astounded many. We have reported on stores selling out and online orders now having shipping times of 4 – 5 weeks and now we’re wondering if Apple is really equipped to deal with the upcoming international release on March 25, and whether in fact that launch may now be delayed.

If the release is held back that means an awful lot of people are going to be disappointed but it’s beginning to look inevitable. We told how some retail Apple Stores were opening early yesterday with rumors of replenished stock but not all of those stores received more stock and even though some had new supplies there were still not enough to go round. If Apple hasn’t enough inventory for the U.S. demand we could be looking at a repeat of what happened when the original iPad was launched last year.

Over on Apple Insider, Neil Hughes reminds us that the international launch of the first iPad was delayed for a month when again, demand outstripped supplies in the U.S. Many countries are expecting the iPad 2 on March 25 including the U.K. and much of the rest of Europe, Canada, Australia and Mexico with many more countries to be added to the list at a later date. Japan was also expecting the iPad 2 release on March 25 but this launch will now take place at a later date, following the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in the country.

Apparently there’s one place in the U.S. where it’s more likely that you’ll be able to pick up an iPad 2. Christina Warren over on Mashable writes that an Apple pop-up store in Austin, Texas, established for SXSW, is still seeing stock arriving daily, although of course after that report many people might be heading to Austin and the story could well be different now. I

In a recent article about the release of the iPhone 5 we wrote that Apple needed to make the release of it’s products smoother and one of our suggestions was to make sure that plenty of stocks were in place before launch day. Let’s hope that Apple will learn from this and next time there’s a big product launch the inventory can live up to the demand. For now though unless Apple can significantly step up supplies, it’s looking more and more likely that the international release of the iPad 2 will be delayed.

Were you looking forward to March 25 and are you hoping you’ll still be able to get your iPad 2 on that date? Perhaps you think that Apple should have anticipated the demand and ensured plentiful supplies for release? Let us know with your comments.

  • Bobby

    I will get it when I get, probably order online and wait for it to arrive. There are a lot of important things to get in a line for, iPads, iPhones, concert tickets, games and software etc,… just not on the list.

  • jenn

    I just don't understand why they stagger release dates if it ends up not mattering. I was disappointed to find out Canada was two weeks after the U.S. and now it seems like it'll be longer. Not the end of the world, though