Another Google Buy: Green Parrot Pictures

We have been speaking recently about Google’s efforts to bolster up its video sharing site, YouTube. In the past few weeks the search engine giant has made a number of acquisitions, and now another has been made. It is another video company called Green Parrot Pictures who has just been bought out.

Green Parrot Picture’s forte is high quality video, and this is something that the small team of engineers has been working on for around 6 years. Mashable has reported that the company was founded in Dublin by an engineering professor named Anil Kokaram of Trinity College. The team focused on quality improving technology and would test it out on films such as Spider Man and The Lord Of The Rings.

YouTube will now want to implement this technology into their site to increase the visual and audio quality of videos whilst they are being uploaded. Users can enjoy some high definition 1080p and 720p videos, but generally most videos are in the standard quality of 320p or 480p and are not as good as they can be.

Home made videos that are uploaded can be very poor in picture and sound quality at times. YouTube recently purchased another video company called Next New Networks as well as being voted the best social site for user satisfaction and announcing they are looking to recruit 30% more staff.

Google’s director of video technology, Jeremy Doig has given examples of poor quality video, such as footage uploaded from Libya. The action is snapped on low quality mobile phones and despite the footage being “emotionally captivating,” it was also jerky, blurry and unsteady, as well as being muffled by background noise.

With Green Parrot Picture’s technology, this footage could be substancially improved. Doig suggested “sharpening the image, reducing visual noise and rendering a higher-quality.” Will this new purchase by Google play a big role in YouTube’s future plans for the company?