Android Update Might Tighten Facebook Security

Android seems to be doing pretty well in terms of apps and the number of them that are flowing into their Android market, some of the ones we have reported on include the Cobra iRadar, an N64 emulator and also a funny one called Skiver that makes excuses for you to not go to work!

Now we can report that the Android update to the Facebook app might actually help to tighten up the security around it. A report on by Jackie Cohen says that they are trying to determine whether the addition of the SSL suffices as an intervention from hackers snooping at activity on the devices that includes Facebook usage.

The actual update to the Facebook app for Android devices does include sharing photos on friends walls and groups and the actual uploading of an image automatically changes it so it’s in the right direction, this means that you will not have to do it yourself which is a nice little addition.

If you read through the official Android blog then you will also find that a few bug fixes have been implemented although they avoid telling us what they actually are. They do however tell us that Facebook chat and the deals are now available. If you would like to pick up this update then you can on this link.

Have you noticed anything else since updating your version? If you have let us know in the comments section below.