£49 iPads Up For Grabs: Groupon & T-Mobile’s Deal

Here at OSM we like to provide you with a healthy dose of iPad news and this next piece could be of great interest to you. Groupon and T-Mobile have joined to create a deal which could see you take home a 1st generation iPad for just £49. Yes…£49!

With all of the recent headlines being stolen by the iPad 2, the original seems to have been slightly forgetten of late, but this next offering will certainly get people interested again. The catch is that you have to stay up late until 1 minute past midnight and sign up for Groupon’s daily email, offering a new discount each day. This offer is for the whole of today ( Wednesday 16 March) according to Cnet and there are 1000 iPads up for grabs.

The cheap Apple device card has been played before, as “Groupola” were offering iPhone 4s for $99; however the catch was that they only had 8 units to give away. For those interested in the £49 iPad, a word of warning because although there are 1000 units to win, Groupon has 6.5 million users on their mailing list who are all on the lookout for a bargain. We recently saw a user trying to sell an iPad 2 on eBay for £124,000!

In fact it makes you wonder if it is worth going to the trouble, as the chances of winning are very slim and the deal may not be all that it seems. T3 has reported that the 32GB model on a 2 year £27 a month deal (£25 if you are already a T-Mobile customer) has already been bettered. Three are offering the same iPad for £99, but for £20 a month which works out at a saving of £70 over the 2 years.

At first the Groupon deal seems unbelieveable but when you break it down it is quite standard. If you go with Three’s offer you will save and also there is no need to enter competitons to try and win your tablet. By all means if the satisfaction of winning something gives you a kick then go for Groupon’s offer and see if you can snag yourself a £49 iPad. Leave us a comment if you are entering.