The Importance Of The Like Button On Your Website

Facebook has been at the centre of a lot of our posts recently, we have talked about the different things that they are doing as they move towards taking over lots of different services, one of them being movie rentals from Warner Bros and perhaps Sony too.

Something that Facebook has been developing in recent times is the ‘Like’ button, this prompted OSM’s Matt Tran to inform all of us about the sharing functionality being integrated with that of the Like button. Following on from that we wanted to talk to you a bit about the importance of the Like button on your website.

On the official Facebook for Websites developers page you can find all of the social plugins that are available to you and Facebook has made it really easy and user friendly to add things to websites. Over at they have allowed a guest writer to add an article that talks in depth about the ins and outs of the features.

The bottom line when it comes to adding the Like button to your website along with any other social buttons is that you will increase the traffic for your site. Not only that but you will raise the awareness of your existence across the biggest and best sources of social media. The only problem with the Like button is you can’t really tell how it has gone as once a user hits that like button and it appears in their news feed, you have no further control.

Have you added the like button to your website? How much of a traffic increase did you notice with it being added? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.