Teacher Taught A Lesson: Facebook Privacy

Facebook is growing more and more and with the way that they are expanding into different areas such as sports and branding but one thing that has to be good is security and privacy. Whilst Facebook and several other social networks have faced issues regarding security in the past these reports seem to have died down somewhat.

This brings us to a story that we read over on allfacebook.com where a teacher has been taught a lesson Facebook privacy… the hard way. As things stand she is currently fighting to keep her job after some bonehead remarks that were made on her Facebook page.

This is yet another example of people not being aware of what can and can’t be seen on Facebook. The teacher from Brooklyn is described by Gregory Pleshaw as a veteran in her trade and he tells us how this came about.

Rubino (The Teacher) told news papers that her class had been out of control doing things like kicking each other, spitting on each other and putting gum in each other’s hair and when she left the classroom she added the following status to her Facebook profile.

“After today I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guys”, one of her friends responded with “Wouldn’t you throw a life jacket to little Kwami?” only for Rubino to answer with “No I wouldn’t for a million dollars.”

Now from reading it like that you might not understand the significance of those comments and let me tell you when you do know you will be pretty sickened. This exchange of words relates back to a previous field trip that had a certain tragedy associated with it, a 12-year old girl drowned in front of her classmates.

Thankfully there’s proof that not all of the teachers at that school are tasteless, David Senatore saw these comments and forwarded them onto their assistant principal who saw it fit for an investigation.

Rubino has a lawyer who specializes in teachers rights and together there are things that have been said such as the comments weren’t seen by any parents or children and that there’s an expectation that this posting is to be shared with friends and not the general public. He thinks that any severe measure taken against the teacher in his opinion would be unfair.

What do you think readers? What should her punishment be? Perhaps she will think before she posts any messages like that again. Tell us your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments section below.