Starbucks On Facebook: Surpasses 20 Million Likes

Facebook has become the place to be for sports and brands amongst a lot of other companies. More and more of them are signing up and communicating with the fans of their company and talking to them about up and coming products and all sorts of other things.

Starbucks are certainly making their presence felt in terms of social media, they have already been offering promotions using Foursquare where you can get a $40 gift card as well as when they reached 10 million fans. Well today we have read a report on by Jackie Cohen that says that Starbucks on Facebook has just surpassed the 20 million number of likes.

So it’s taken from July for them to get from 10 million all the way up to 20 million, that’s pretty impressive wouldn’t you say? This makes the Seattle based coffee chain the fourth most ‘Liked’ brand on Facebook behind Facebook in top spot, YouTube in second position and Coke in third.

Aside from the normal Starbucks page they also keep a couple of other pages too, these are for the Frappacino and Tazo Tea brands. Cohen explains that there’s an app on their Facebook page that lets fans manage their value cards that have been stored for pre-paid purchases and then sells them as gifts. The author also states that the cards alone have more than 48,700 ‘Likes’ on their own.

Which is your favorite drink from Starbucks? What do you think of them making it to 20 million ‘Likes’? Let us know in the comments section below.