New Philips HD Camcorder: WiFi & 23x Zoom – No Price or ETA Yet

When it comes to cameras, camcorders and DSLRs we at OSM try to provide the most up to date and current information as possible. One of the most popular ones has been around the Canon T3i with its specs and release date as well as perhaps the best camera we have ever seen in the Phantom Flex.

Now we have caught wind of a new camcorder from Philips and it’s a real beauty. In a report over at Engadget by Michael Gorman he says that ESee HD camcorder has a crazy 23x zoom and it’s capable of 1080p recording that goes onto an SD card.

One of the exciting features on the camera is the fact that it has WiFi capabilities so that you can upload your videos with ease. It also has some other cool functions such as ‘audio zoom’ which sounds good but we aren’t sure how it will turn out and we will probably have to wait until someone eventually gets a hands on with it.

Over at the their author has also added an article detailing their thoughts on the device where they mention that it has a 2” display and a 1/4CMOS image sensor. As things stand we don’t have any information on price or release date and we can’t wait to find out more about the audio zoom.

What do you know about audio zoom? What do you think of the new camcorder from Philips? Let us know in the comments section below.