iPhone 5 Dual SIM Slots Rumor: Not likely?

Since the release of the iPad 2 last week a lot of attention has now turned to the Apple iPhone 5, which is thought, will be released in June. We’ve brought you a ton of news and speculation regarding the next iPhone already, and now have more news about a rumor regarding a dual-SIM for the next-generation iPhone.

Among our recent articles on the iPhone 5 we spoke of the likelihood that it will not now have NFC capability, the rumors of a slimmer design due to shrinking the headphone port and also told of the release of a White iPhone 4/5 this spring, although it is not confirmed yet whether this would be an iPhone 4 or 5. Many of the stories we hear about do seem plausible but we’re not sure at all about the idea of an iPhone 5 that would hold two SIM cards.

We heard this latest rumor from Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac and he also thinks it sounds a little odd. The details came from iDeals China, a Chinese parts reseller, who although they have not always proved accurate, have sometimes supplied reliable information. iDeals China say that the iPhone 5 will have two SIM cards for dual phone lines. We, like Gurman, feel that they could possibly be confusing this with the rumored dual-switch baseband chip, which would enable use of the iPhone 5 on both AT&T and Verizon networks for instance.

However if we consider the possibility that iDeals China is correct and the iPhone 5 could be used for dual phone lines do you think this would be a good idea? Phones Review also reports on this rumor and like us feel that it’s more likely that the iPhone 5 will have a dual-chip supporting GSM and CDMA connections but for now nobody can be sure. What are thoughts on the likelihood of this latest rumor being true and is it something you would like to see? Let us know with your comments.