IOS 4.3 Causes Graphic Problems On 4th-Gen iPod Touch

As many of you are already aware last week Apple released their latest software update in the form of IOS 4.3, until now there have been no reported problems with this update. It now appears that owners of 4th-Gen iPod touches are experiencing some graphic problems on their devices since updating.

These graphical glitches are said to be affecting many iPod Touch users, and the problem seems to be most noticeable on the devices lock screen. According to Engadget many people are reporting other issues as well like overlapping icons and other pixel oddities, you can see in the picture and video below how these glitches are affecting people’s devices.

Although this seems to be quiet wide spread there is still no word from Apple about a possible cause or solution to this problem, many people are trying to cure this glitch themselves by resetting their devices with the home and power buttons. You can keep tracks on their progression by following this link through to the Apple Discussions forum.

According to Macrumours this may not be the only problem with IOS 4.3, in their post here they talk about the performance of the Safari browser. It seems that if a web app is run from the home screen it would run roughly two and a half times slower than what it does in the browser, this would mean that although Apple have updated Safari with its high speed Nitro JavaScript engine, this is not used when launching web apps from the home screen.

Although there seem to be a few problems with this latest update were pretty confident that we will see an update sometime soon that irons out all these creases.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been experiencing similar problems with your device? Have you managed to sort these glitches out?

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  • rocketpi

    Thanks for reporting this. Now I know that I'm not the only one! It had not occurred to me to connect this with the 4.3 update, but I *think* the graphics problems I've been seeing (randomly colored pixel 'static' on parts of my screen, usually in a box surrounding an icon or other graphical element) have all occurred since the update.

    Hopefully Apple will get it figured out, and it really is just a software issue. Fingers crossed.

    • nik

      same here

    • Brad

      Ditto. When my alarm goes off, my home screen has pixel problems…

  • Chris

    Glad to know it's not just me (or something I did). Hope a solution comes quickly!

  • Oliver

    I have also experiences these problems. I automatically. Connected the problem with the new IOS update but have not been able to rid my iPod touch 4g of the problem yet. I’m waiting for an update from apple. They are usually very quick and efficient in solving problems. I’m not to worried. I have also noticed the odd pixelations around and on the wifi strength icon.