HTC Thunderbolt: Best Buy Price & Release Date

The HTC Thunderbolt has been one of those handsets that people have been highly anticipating but also losing patience with as there has been some major confusion over its release date. We have been reporting on the delays as well as all of the potential new release dates until we have finally found out for sure!

A recent report from OSM’s Debbie Turner says that the Thunderbolt has been confirmed by Verizon for March 17th and this has prompted different stores to release their own prices. Over at Phandroid their author Kevin Krause has added an article that confirms the pricing for Best Buy and the HTC Thunderbolt.

The pricing looks like this, the Thunderbolt comes into stock on March 17th at a price of $249.99 on a 2-year contract. However, this changes on March 20th when the device goes up to $299.99. This sounds a bit crazy as there’s a load of people that have been eagerly awaiting this handset, you can’t really think that there’s any chance that people will wait a few extra days and pay an extra $50 after waiting so long already.

If you would like to read more about this then you can by heading over to the Best Buy Mobile website on this link. This will give you official confirmation of the above information.

Will you be getting the HTC Thunderbolt and will you be getting it from Best Buy? Let us know in the comments section below.