Hackers Use Japanese Tsunami To Scam Facebook Users

We at OSM are constantly bringing you news on the way people choose to use social networking site Facebook, it now appears that a certain number of unsavoury characters are using the Japanese tsunami disaster to scam many Facebook users.

According to a post from Rianovosti hackers are trying to make money by posting fake links to supposedly new video footage of the current disaster, these links once clicked on are then taking users to a website that imitates YouTube.

Once on this site users are then redirected when they press the play button to a different site, here they are offered a purple iPad if they fill out a quick questionnaire and leave contact details like their mobile phone number and email address. These links have apparently been posted using anonymous or hacked Facebook accounts. You can read more on this by clicking on the link here.

If you were unfortunate enough to click on this link then there are a few steps that you can take in order to clean up this lifejacking attack, security specialists Sophos recommend that you remove all links that may be residing on your Facebook news feed. You can check out their other recommendations by following this link to their post.

It’s pretty sad that some people feel that they can exploit venerable situations like this, although there are some very selfish people in this world we like to think that they are outnumbered by good generous people, people who give rather than take.

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