Facebook & YouTube Host “Safe Sunbed Skin Cancer” Campaign

As more and more of us delve into the world of social networking be it to catch up with friends or loved ones, join a group of interest, upload photos and so on, today news is somewhat on a more serious note. A campaign has kicked off including sites Facebook and YouTube with the aim of making people, particularly the younger generation aware of the dangers of sunbeds and skin cancer.

The concept which has been in full swing since 2003 was set up by Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart campaign, and with so many young people between the ages of 15-18 years old logging daily onto networking sites, it is hoped that the message will be strong enough to convince those to take notice.

We hear about it on a regular basis when many youngsters strive to look like their celebrity icons, be it weight, dress sense, hair, makeup or even their tan. In order to achieve the perfect look, there will be some people that choose to steer away from the spray tan and opt for the sunbed. Ok so yes its nice to lay down, relax and after a few sessions have a glow to your skin, but are some of you using the bed too much? As newmediaage reported, “Nonsense” a digital agency has got involved using a storyline and digital character placed on Facebook and YouTube channels in the hope it will implement the message further.

Basically the character, a young male rapper by the name of “Leatha Face” is hoping that his tanned skin will give him opportunities to reach his ultimate goal of celebrity fame. On both sites, video clips can be accessed showing the youngster with friends being told of the dangers of over sunbed use.

In a statement from Cancer Research UK’s Health Campaigns Manager Caroline Cerny she said, “We know the majority of this audience is aware of some of the health risks of sunbed use but put the concerns to the back of their minds. By creating an engaging video we hope to influence the attitudes of young sunbed users and show them that it’s not just the heavy users who are risking their health and their looks.”

Tell us what you think about this new social media campaign? Will it be enough to stop sunbed worshippers?

  • mori goldlist

    On average the sun causes the body to produce 18-25,000 IUs of "vitamin" D3 in 20-30 minutes of exposure to human skin. If our bodies react this way it is because sunlight/"vitamin" D3 is so essential to our well-being.

    A modern sunlamp (used in salons since the mid 1980's) emits UV; visible, and infrared light in the same proportions as the sunlight on earth. Even less harmful when considering that they do not emit the lowest levels of UVB while the sun does.

    Sunlamp equipment is outfitted by a timer that shuts off when the requisite amount of exposure has been reached. A salon will keep a record of each of its clients as to the frequency of their visits; the strength of bed's UV output that they used; the length of time spent in the bed; the reaction to the session. The salon has a trained attendant that assures that the client avoids OVERexposure; makes sure that the client wears the necessary eye protection; and that the facility remains safe and sanitary.

    The sun does none of this.

    The obvious conclusion would be that IF anything were to be banned to minors it should be the sun!

    A plethora of new facts are being published daily by truly independent scientific researchers but we rarely hear of these because they are not advertised in the manner that those who gain financially from the "fear the sun" campaign that spends more money in biased mandated "independent" tests than North America spends on education of our children!

    All this to keep the population sick and dying and bleeding funds into the coffers of what is "newspeakingly" called "the health care system". This system is dedicated to keeping the population sick enough to continually need the medications and services that the population requires to survive and no more! The "health care" system cannot flourish financially (in the multiple trillions of dollars) if there were fewer truly healthy people that do not need the services.

    For the past 27 years I have been quoted as saying:


    mori goldlist
    toronto canada