Facebook: See Friends Playing Games – What Next?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world; it has a user base of over 500 million which is continuing to grow. There are constant changes happening across the site and a number different things that are happening with Facebook that are pretty good such as how it is helping Japan in their hard times.

Facebook seems to be being used more and more by different sports and brands in various situations. Now there’s a change hitting Facebook where you can see what games your friends are playing. This is pretty cool as the number of people playing games on Facebook continues to increase with the likes of CityVille.

This new box is labeled “Discover New Games” and it shows up on the right hand side where you might have seen “People You May Know”. It will undoubtedly increase the number of people playing the games as more users will want to compete with their friends and try to do better.

As reported by allfacebook.com’s Gregory Pleshaw reports that up until this happened, gaming activity was published in the user’s feed for friends to see there. Back in September this changed to only show each game to those that are already playing the game.

Would you want to see what games your friends are playing on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.