Facebook Event Invite Goes Viral: Birthday Party Crashed!

Facebook as we all know is a great way to share things like our emotions, photos and Birthday wishes with our friends. Sharing on Facebook is one of the key features behind the social networking service, but this next story takes sharing to a whole new level!

Big Pond News has reported that a young un-named teenager from Sydney, was sending out invites to her 16th Birthday party. However the twist is that she accidently made the invitations public, instead of just to the friends she wanted to invite. Some of her personal details like phone number and home address went viral and sparked huge interest from thousands of random users.

With 184,000 random attending guests, unfortunately the sweet 16 was called of because of the madness of the situation. Funnily and seriously, one random gate crasher even suggested that he would bring explosives. Lets just hope that the Aussie teenager had a nice Birthday without parades of people knocking on her door for a slice of cake and a balloon.

Unfortunately the girl’s address and phone number went public, so she can expect irritating calls and visits in the next few weeks. That will teach her the Facebook privacy setting rules at least. It looks like Facebook destroyed this party, but will it do the same to Netflix? Leave us your thoughts on this bizarre but interesting social story in the comments.