End Of The Line For Microsoft’s Zune

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sadly this is the case with Microsoft’s Zune, as they have announced that they will no longer be making new versions of their MP3 player.

With music now being accessable via smartphones, tablets and various other media devices, it makes little sense for Microsoft to devote their efforts in to one particular category like that. The Financial Times shares this opinion and thinks that Microsoft should get out of the audio market and focus more on their smartphone operating systems. They recently made a deal with mobile giant Nokia, who will now take on Windows Phone 7 as their primary OS.

The Zune was debuted in November 2006, according to Mashable and was dubbed the device to steal the thunder of the iPod. Apple had cornered the music market with their signature MP3 player and Microsoft never seemed to overhaul them. In fact, Apple’s iPods are still the dominant force in that market today and over the years we have seen constant improvement which ranges from the Classic to the Touch.

When asked if this was the complete end for Zune, Microsoft declined to comment; however they said they remain “committed to supporting their devices in North America.” It seems unlikely that manufacturing will shut down, but it does look as though we will not see any new Zune models or software out in the future. For some this will be a sad day in technology but take heart from the fact that the Zune will always be a great little gadget, there was just something a bit better out there. Leave us your thoughts on the Zune, will it be missed?