Apple TV Flicker Problem: Software Rectification On The Way

A couple of days ago we reported on an issue batted around Apple’s support forum regarding flicker problems after downloading the latest software upgrade for Apple TV.

Users of the media streaming device reported screen flicker problems when updating to iOS 4.2, this fault had no discrimination on the TV brand either. As Engadget commented, manufacturing brands from Sony, Panasonic and Samsung to name but a few were affected.

Nether was the issue localized to how the two devices were connected, whether there was direct HDMI or HDMI to DVI adapter connection, the screen flicker and flash symptoms were experienced. It was obviously down to the update as no problems were reported prior to this.

As we mentioned in our previous post there was a couple of things that you could try to alleviate this problem. One being to change resolution from the default setting as Apple TV’s video output is in 720p rather than 1080i, which some HDTV’s convert to.

Well Apple announced that it is aware of the problem and according to AppleInsider, the California based company is already working on a fix. At the moment there is no definite confirmation on how long it will be before a solution is available but we will keep you informed. Let us know if you experienced the flicker fiasco and whether you tried one of the temporary fixes?