Android OS Vs. iOS: App Battle – Who’s Winning?

One of Apple’s biggest selling points for the Apple iPhone is the app store behind it. There are thousands of apps with some of them being extremely useful as well as entertaining. That being the case it has prompted many to follow the trend and try and use their tactics to cash in.

Google who seem to be the ultimate opportunists in many ways now have the Android OS which is booming in the smartphone market now. They have their own app store that seems to be doing pretty well and as Phandroid’s Kevin Krause says that the number of apps in the Android store has grown from the minimal 5,000 in 2009 to over 250,000. That increase is simply staggering.

Apple’s figures aren’t to be sniffed at; their store boasts more than 350,000. The big difference here though is the rate that they have grown. He also mentions that Buisness Insider had predicted that by now Android would have overtaken Apple by now however that simply hasn’t happened although they are remaining confident that this will happen in the coming months.

There’s an article over on Business Insider where they are talking about how Google are closing the gap with a load of different charts so head on over and have a read. What do you think of the growth of Android’s app store?

When do you think they will overtake Apple or do you think Apple will stay on top? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • DrB9

    Unfortunately quantity doesn´t give the full picture here. I can quote the old joke:
    A billion flies can´t be wrong – eat shit.
    The android apps have to improve in quality!