Slimmer iPhone 5 Rumor : Shrinking Down Headphone Port

Now that the release of the iPad 2 has come and gone all focus has leapt onto the Apple iPhone 5 and we’ve already posted many articles with news and speculation about just what may be coming for the next-generation iPhone. The latest is that we may see a slimmer iPhone 5, and the way to do that? By shrinking down the headphone port.

We’ve already heard recently about possible new designs for the iPhone 5 but this news stems from a leaked Apple patent and suggests we may see an ultra-slim iPhone 5. Many were impressed with the slimness of the recent iPad reincarnation and we all know that Apple like to impress with its designs, so this would seem the obvious way to go.

An article over on DialtoSave by Carly Page, sourced from The Register, reports on the leaked patent and tells how the next thing that Apple want to concentrate on is reducing the size of the 3.5mm audio jack to enable the more streamlined design. Last November the company filed a patent called “Low Profile Plug Receptacle” with 3 ideas of how this can be achieved. One way would be to have a socket that’s not completely rounded or another suggestion is a covered slot with the plug being held in place by a “semi-flexible material.” There is also mention of a “hinged housing” method.

All of the methods would mean that Apple would still be able to use standard jacks but would allow the slimness it requires. An article over on Fone Home also reports on the Apple patent and notes that although there’s no guarantee it will have been developed in time for the iPhone 5 it certainly looks likely that a slimmer, more streamlined iPhone could well be on the way.

You may also be interested in our article at the weekend about how Apple need to make the release of the iPhone 5 smoother than that of the iPad 2, where there were many complaints of not enough stock and no pre-ordering etc. Are you envisaging an ultra-slim iPhone 5? Just how slim will the next round of Apple devices be? Let us know your thoughts with your comments.