iPhone 5 Release Needed NFC, 6 Reasons Why

In a report that we posted earlier today it was suggested that Apple’s latest version iPhone would not be receiving NFC technology. For those of you that are not yet up to speed in regards to this veritably new feature, lets just skim over the facts.

NFC or Near Field Communication, to give it its full title, is a system that allows devices to send and receive small pieces of information in a close range capacity. We’re not talking WiFi or Bluetooth distances or capabilities but something far closer and content much simpler. It may sound like a pointless type of connectivity, but lets look at what it could mean and what the iPhone 5 could be missing out on, and where the Google Nexus S will gain.

We’ve looked at 6 ways that NFC could benefit us in our everyday lives. First up are mobile payments, and big players such as Visa are hot on this one, with Apple and Google looking at ways to introduce it into their devices. Basically your mobile will act like your credit card, gone will be the days of getting to the supermarket only to realize that you have left your wallet on the side in the kitchen. A simple swiping of your handset over a payment reader will take the payment for you.

While we are on the subject of leaving things at home, what about your keys? With NFC technology your smartphone could also act as door keys, safe keys and even hotel room keys. You could even set it up for entrance recognition for your partners place, no loose keys necessary.

Expanding on the key theme, we recently reported on a concept car that used NFC to control every area of the vehicle. Just by having your phone on you would allow access to your car, and when you docked your device into the dash mounted cradle, all other ancillaries would become active. Starting the engine, using navigation and syncing contacts into your cars hands-free system, all from your device.

Moving away from key responsibilities there are the lighter benefits to NFC such as, when you book some tickets online for the cinema for example. Instead of waiting in the queue or having to stand at the pre-payment machine, you could just swipe on your way to your seat. It could even work with plane boarding passes to give you that VIP feel, swipe and fly?

As we are in the airport why not have your mobile give all the information about you like an electronic passport? No worrying where your paper passport was after you had buried it in the bottom of your suitcase. Obviously this kind of information transfer would need a mass of security criteria so perhaps this one may be a bit further down the line.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves here, lets just bring it back to basics with a simpler way to exchange contact information. Instead of activating battery-draining Bluetooth, you could simply pass your phone over the device of your new-found friend and job done.

So there you have it just a few reasons why it would be a massive asset to the iPhone 5’s armor to include NFC. No matter how long we have to wait there is no denying that this technology will be the future. Gizmodo reported on some other ways where NFC could be useful, so why not check see what they have to say. Tell us where you could see benefits of NFC, and would you embrace it into your life?