iPad 2 Sales Rumor: Apple Stores Opening Early Tuesday?

If you’re a fan of all things tech then you’ll already know about the phenomenal demand for the iPad 2, which was released on Friday. We previously reported on how online orders very quickly went from 2-3 days shipping to 2-3 weeks and earlier today also reported how retail stores were sold out of the device. Now we hear rumors that some retail Apple Stores are to open one hour earlier than usual tomorrow with replenished stocks.

Such is the demand for the latest iPad that we told how bidding wars were taking place for the tablet on eBay and it’s fair to say there were an awful lot of disappointed people at the weekend who couldn’t get the iPad model they wanted, or even get one at all. Today we’ve heard of a report over on Apple Bitch that many Apple Stores will open early on Tuesday morning with more iPad 2 shipments arriving.

This has not been confirmed from Apple but apparently many customers trying to get their hands on an iPad 2 were told by retail staff in Apple Stores today, that even if stocks had arrived today they would not be going on sale until tomorrow morning. Apple Bitch say that they have been in touch with 3 different retail stores and had the earlier dedicated iPad 2 sales time confirmed.

An update on the original article now says that one of the retail stores has backtracked a little on their original story, saying they are not sure if they will have new stocks. However the other 2 retail stores contacted still say they will be opening an hour earlier than usual and Apple Bitch customers have been in touch with the site to say they have also been informed of earlier opening times at their local Apple Retail Stores tomorrow.

Meanwhile Zach Epstein over on BGR has been delving into this rumor and tried contacting 4 different Apple Stores, none of which would confirm anything about earlier opening times. One store though did say that they expected new stocks of the iPad 2 by tomorrow. For now we don’t want you to get too excited at the thought of these earlier opening hours and more iPad 2 stocks for tomorrow as it is still unsubstantiated, but we would certainly suggest that there’s no harm in calling an Apple Store near you to hear what they have to say about the rumor.

Have you tried to get an iPad 2 from an Apple Retail Store today and if so what were you told? Will you be making another trip out early tomorrow to see if you can grab one? Let us know with your comments.

  • ML Adams

    Stopped in the Apple Store in Ardmore, PA & was told they are out and the surrounding stores as well. Was told they did not know when they would be getting a shipment. When I called the store in King of Prussia Shopping Center at Valley Forge, PA and Park City Shopping Center in Lancaster, PA, I was told the same thing.