iPad 2 Bid War Begins: £124,000 On eBay

With the recent unveiling and launch of the iPad 2, it has been a frantic rush for those who want to be the first to get their hands on Apple’s 2nd generation tablet. As normal the demand is higher than the supply and we have already seen ridiculous sale prices on eBay.

The release of a new product in huge demand can be more than just a chance to enjoy it, but also a chance to make money from it. We regularly see customers buy the item and then sell it straight after for extortionate prices to those who missed out. People can make thousands from doing this, but restrictions have been made so that customers can only buy one unit each. Check out the asking prices here on eBay.

Cnet has reported that the highest selling proposition seen so far is a hilarious £124,000 for a 16GB iPad 2, which is being sold from a user in Chicargo. Unless there is an Apple fan with money to burn lurking, then it is unlikely that this user will get any bids. Virtually every store that stocked the new tablet, sold out immediately but it is highly unlikely anyone will pay some of the pathetic demands we have seen so far.

Eventually enough new iPads will be shipped for everyone, but if you already have one then consider yourself very lucky. Since the tablet’s US launch on Friday, it has been near on impossible to realistically get your hands on one. If you are in the UK and have a shot at bidding for one on eBay then be careful as it may be locked to US Networks like Verizon and AT&T. Will the iPad 2 prevail this year? Let us know if you are lucky enough to own an iPad 2 by commenting below.