HTC Thunderbolt Coming 17th March: Email & Tweet Confirm

News of HTC Thunderbolt release dates still keep coming, and there’s no doubt that many of you have got fed up waiting for its subsequent arrival. Ever since we first learned about the 4G LTE smartphone, coincidentally the first to arrive with the new LTE, its become apparent that the device will be a strong contender against many others.

Unfortunately although the handset itself packs a fantastic list of features, its been tarred from the off with release dates that just never seem to transpire. Just in the last few days, we have reported on news of a release date spotted of the 21st March 2011, a date seen on social networking site Facebook, yesterday we gave you news of a new car dock being advertised in the official Verizon store suggesting that the Thunderbolt would be with us soon, now today the tables have turned yet again!

According to many including this morning, the new HTC offering will launch officially this coming Thursday 17th March, a date surprisingly enough that has been mentioned in previous posts. News has it that HTC Sales Manager “Imran Shahid” has been busy tweeting away today. Following on from a tweet which he sent and then got removed on Saturday, saying that the smartphone would launch “soon,” today he has sent another (seen below) saying that the Thunderbolt will launch on Verizon Thursday March 17th.

Last week the smartphone was rumored to launch, but at the last minute it was reported that it could be a matter of months and not weeks until we could get our hands on one. Its arrival was pulled due to the release of the new Apple iPad 2. If we look back at Verizon’s past history, its clear to see that they do tend to launch new devices on a Thursday so this week’s date would tie in nicely.

Are you like many others now and feel completely let down by HTC and Verizon, or are you willing to forgive and wait for its arrival?