Facebook “Likes” Tesco: Social Media’s Importance Realised

For many individuals and companies alike, social media plays a vital role in advertising and marketing products. In recent weeks, we have brought you news about how it can be used and some of the many people benefiting from it such as the police force, banks, catering, brand names such as L’Oreal and Starbucks. Today its the turn of one of the largest retailers Tesco to come on board.

With the help of an official Facebook page, the third largest retailer in the world is hoping to expand its customer base, offer its consumers “exclusive deals such as Clubcard Promotions” and implement an excellent customer relations experience that people will recommend to others.

News from Thedrum.co.uk, reports of the new page being designed from digital agency “Harvest Digital” with an official launch yesterday. As well as the inclusion of tesco.com and tescorealfood.com it is hoped to expand its service to other areas. In a statement from Tesco, they said, “Customers want to know what Tesco is offering on a massive range of topics – from our role in the community through to Clubcard offers. We’ve created this site to bring together all the Tesco online communities – such as Real Food, Clubcard and Race for Life – and to make it easier for customers to talk to us about what interests them.”

To date some 5,470 users have logged onto the popular site Facebook and “Liked” the retailer according to marketingmagazine.co.uk. Indications show that this number is set to increase.

What are your thoughts on Tesco extending its services on Facebook?

  • http://www.cashillion.com Daniel Dalley

    Welcome to Social Media Tescos. Nice of you to join us and catch up with the modern day! Lol :)