Enabling Multitasking Gestures On iOS 4.3 On The iPad 2

We all know how Apple revolutionized the tablet PC market with the original iPad and now they are looking to capitalize on their success with the new Apple iPad 2. We followed the proceedings from the Apple event checking out all of the different things that were happening.

There have been a few reported added to OSM about different things to do with the iPad 2 such as the ARM Cortex-A5 processor that powers the beast and how the graphics performance is simply smoking! Now we have some more information for you on how to enable the multitasking gestures on the iOS 4.3 version on the iPad 2.

As reported by Engadget’s Jacob Schulman we already knew that the iOS 4.3 wouldn’t have the cool four and five finger gestures but we were as surprised as Schulman at just how easy they are to enable. The first things you should know are that it involves a 4.5 GB download and $5 of your hard earned cash.

The first thing you need to do is download an app called Xcode, you can use this link to find it on the app store. Go ahead and follow the normal dialogues until you hit the Xcode homescreen and look out for the ‘Use Development’ button. At this point you should get an indication that you iPad has been recognized but if it isn’t it should be under the devices listings in the column on the left hand side.

From this point it will ask you for your developer account and password and of course if you haven’t paid the $99 fee for it just hit the cancel button and that is pretty much it. You can now navigate back to the settings and amend the settings. Check out the video at the bottom of the article courtesy of Engadget for a demonstration of the new gestures.

Have you tried it? Let us know how you get on in the comments section below.