Daylight Saving Time Problems Persist On iPhone & iPad

When it comes to Apple devices such as the iPhone 4 and the two models of iPad they have some extraordinary features that come with them but there is one thing that seems to be a bit of a problem for them.

Remember back in January when OSM’s Maddy Rowe added an article to our site about DST the problems being fixed by Monday? Well it would seem that similar problems have arisen again. Engadget’s Sean Hollister is reporting that the clock app is demonstrating all kinds of crazy behavior.

Sure enough there’s a current thread running on the Apple site with people reporting the problems that they have experienced and some are saying that it is happening in locations that don’t recognize DST; which is pretty amusing. DST was effective in the U.S. on Sunday and many people hadn’t noticed the problem until this morning.

Hollister also reports in his article that one of their readers said that their clock changed time at the right time and then reverted back leaving them an hour leaving them late for work today. There are lots of potential solutions floating around with some of them being switching into Airplane mode and back to normal and another being to call the iPhone from another phone. In our eyes it should be more a case of Apple sorting this out, you don’t hear of other devices having this issue do you?

Were you affected by the Day Light Saving clock problems? Let us know in the comments section below.