BlackBerry PlayBook: Video Conferencing Will Push Sales

We already know how popular the Apple iPad has been which gives us a pretty good indication of what the BlackBerry PlayBook is up against in the form of the iPad 2 in the war of the tablet PC market. The questions that will be your deciding factor between this device and others is what can it do differently?

In our eyes the BlackBerry PlayBook looks like it is aimed much more at corporations than anything else as it has pretty good specs and we believe that the video conferencing will definitely help to push the sales. For those of you who have worked in big international companies before you will already know the importance of high quality video conferencing but for those that haven’t it is becoming more and more widely used.

We have already reported that the PlayBook is likely to arrive with us around April as the pre-orders are starting from March 12th with Sear’s. RIM have already said that when they release the PlayBook they will also release a conferencing app that will give the users of PlayBooks two, three and even four-way video chatting capabilities as reported by Ralph Labuguenapril of

If that is the case and all goes to plan for RIM with the PlayBook this could really rival the iPad 2 in terms of market share, especially if organizations go down this route with tablet PCs. The only thing that an app like this needs, is to use some kind of third-party support from the likes of Skype or Google chat and then it will be in an even better position.

Do you think that the video conferencing app will help to push the sales of the PlayBook? Are you going to be getting one of these bad boys ahead of the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Gary McGill

    I for one plan to get the Playbook when it arrives. I do not have the iPad but I have had a lot of hands-on experience with it. I must admit I did actually buy the iPad2 Friday and after playing with it for a day, I returned it to Best Buy. To begin with, it is not a portable device. it is too big! I remember when the first IPad came out many people said the same thing. Second, I don't want a device that is locked into a solution where I must buy content for it from the manufacturer. I have thousands of MP3s and videos and if I would like to put on my tablet, I don't need anybody telling me I can't (why do you think they refuse to put a usb port on the iPad?). Finally, I think the Playbook specs are way better than the iPad2. My experience with the iPad2 camera was that it is a joke! Talk about grainy…Yes, I think the video conferencing will help Playbook acceptance. Thankfully, they decided to use a decent camera for this. Apple is good at making these purchases more of an emotional decision rather than a rational well thought out one.

    I think RIM has just about hit the sweet spot with the Playbook and the fact that it tethers to my blackberry phone is a big plus. I am looking forward to the release day! Gary McGill

  • respighifan

    It will come nowhere near the iPad sales but will inhabit a solid niche market from which it can gain traction against the iPpad and other competitors…

  • Scandal X4

    OH YEAH! Definitely planning to get a Blackberry Playbook. The fact that the processing speed on this tablet outdoes iPad2 by leaps and bounds is enough of a reason to get one. Video conferencing will give it the boost it needs. You won't switch any die-hard Apple fans but you can attract new and old Blackberry users.