AT&T Offering Free Calls to Japan Following Tsunami Disaster

Since the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan last week, here at OSM we’ve been reporting on various social media and tech news to do with the disaster. It often becomes evident how people come together to help at times of crisis and this time’s it’s giant phone carrier, AT&T who have stepped in with an offer of support.

We’ve told about a campaign to raise funds for rescue dogs using Facebook, of celebrities turning to Twitter to offer condolences and offer help, such as Lady Gaga and her bracelet fundraising campaign and also how Facebook Causes is helping out Japan too. Now it’s the turn of AT&T to step up and the carrier, mindful of how desperate people are to speak to loved ones, have decided to offer free calls to Japan right up to the end of March.

According to Thomas Ricker over on Engadget this offer applies to both wired and wireless calls. Wireless postpaid customers with AT&T will be able to call Japan and send text messages and won’t be charged. This applies from the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Wired customers will be able to claim credits for up to 60 minutes of direct dial calls to Japan. Senior vice president of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, Voice and Data Products, Mark Collins said, “We want to help our customers connect with loved ones in Japan in anyway we can. Connecting with family and friends is most important at times like this- we want to make it as easy and worry free as possible for our customers.”

OK, while this is all good publicity for AT&T we take our hats off to them for this gesture and wonder what other similar moves other major companies might also offer? Paul Lamkin over on Pocket-Lint also points out that as well as the free calls and texts AT&T say that TV Japan will also be free for U-verse TV subscribers up to March 17.

What are your thoughts on this support from AT&T and what other moves would you like to see come from other sources? Let us know with your comments please.