Amazon Kindle Arrives At Carphone warehouse & Best Buy UK

If you’re an avid fan of reading than you will probably already be familiar with the Amazon Kindle, after having a brief software update the Kindle is now bigger and better than ever before and has just arrived at a Carphone warehouse or Best Buy UK store near you.

According to this article from the popular eReader hit shelves of these two stores on March 11th, this is great news for anyone that’s looking to buy one as they don’t have to wait for the device to be shipped out by Amazon.

Both stores are said to be stocking both the Wi-Fi only and 3G variants of this popular device, you will be paying the same price for either product as you would if purchasing from Amazon, which is £111 for the Wi-Fi version and £152 for the 3G version.

As well as being able to purchase these devices customers of Best Buy will be able to pick up a free Kindle with selected £15 a month mobile phone contracts, in this post from T3 Richard Wordsworth tell us that the free offer applies to the Wi-Fi version, although customers will have the choice to upgrade to the 3G version with a one off payment of £15.

As the Kindle is one of the most widely used eReaders around we expect to see these devices fly off the shelves, having over 550,000 books available to download at the touch of a button this piece of kit should be everything any good book worm should ever need.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you be tempted to get a Kindle next time you’re in one of these stores?

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